Offset Printing

Whenever a brand is looking for offset printing services, it means it wants to go with larger quantities of branding collaterals or printed promotional material. In this case, offset is the best bet. One gets an accurate color reproduction and a clean, sleek-looking print with the aluminium printing plates. Offset printing takes advantage of immiscibility water and grease. The greasy ink gets deposited on the grease-treated printing areas of the plate and non-printing areas, holding the water, reject the ink. These plates transfer an image onto a rubber ‘blanket’ which then rolls onto a paper sheet. Offset printing is one of the most cost-effective ways to produce large volumes of high-quality prints. If you are looking for quality offset printers in India, put your trust only in Prime Scan. We utilize the latest offset printing technology and machinery to provide one-of-a-kind printing and packaging solutions.