Offset Printing in Udaipur

Explore Offset Printing from Prime Scan

We delight our clients with high-quality offset printing in Udaipur. Offset printing is still one of the most reliable and popular forms of printing at Prime Scan. Whether it’s a magazine, tabloid, catalog, coupon book, community newspaper or a digest, offset printing is the right solution to meet your needs. The printing mechanism basically three rotating cylinders- a plate cylinder, to which the metal plate is fastened, a blanket cylinder covered by a sheet of rubber and an impression cylinder that presses the paper into contact with the blanket cylinder. The plate cylinder first comes in contact with moistening rollers that deposit moisture in the granulations of the metal. A series of inking rollers then pass over the plate. Ink is not taken up by the water-holding areas and accepted by the greasy image. The inked image is transferred to the rubber blanket and is then transferred to the paper travelling around the impression cylinder.