Canvas Printing

Canvas Prints

Canvas Prints are where refined digital printing meets premium canvas fabric that can be stretched over a woolen fabric. A Canvas Print is an image printed from an inkjet printer onto the canvas. Once it is oriented, it is then stretched onto a frame. Now it depends on the people, whether they prefer frameless border or framed canvas print. For creating an unframed canvas print, many people are using the gallery wrapping technique. According to the process, the Canvas is wrapped around the stretcher bars and secured to the frame.

Canvas is a strong and durable fabric which is created with hemp. Nowadays, cotton and linen have replaced hemp. The canvas that you are buying today for the requirement of the home is made of polyester or cotton. So, if you are planning to display your photo, you should always keep in mind that there is simply no better alternative than having your photo printed on the canvas.

Types of Canvas Print:

There are mainly two different types of photo canvas print services available in the market:

Personalized/Custom: These are the canvas prints that are made from your collection of photographs. You can also do Photoshop to include the details.

Stock Images: These are pre-made prints of stock Photographs. Nothing has been customized here, and you would get the image printed precisely the way it is.

Again the types of the canvas print can be subdivided according to your selection of displaying the photographs. So, here are the options given below:

Single Panel: It is the simplest way to display your print. You just need to select the photograph that you want to show, and it will be them oriented onto a canvas.

Multi Panel: It is a little fancy method which involves splitting up the pictures in different sections. After that, each part will be printed on the canvas.

Why Canvas Printing Required in Businesses:

Properly chosen images printed on the canvas can really help your business to promote itself due to their stunning beauty and quality of a color as well as print reproduction that produces a great 3D effect. So, Canvas printing services can become the most valuable for business purposes in different ways including providing visual impact at the trade show, printing canvas for cafés and restaurants business and many more to make it appealing for the targeted customers.

Uses of Canvas Printing:

There are several uses of canvas printing services in different industries, but often it is being used in interior design or customized with personal photographs. Multiple business canvases are used to create large sized artwork that makes a real collision in the commercial places, and floating canvas is a stunning new visual effect providing a new dimension to canvas art prints.

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What we offer in Canvas Printing:

Prime Scan India offers Canvas Printing with versatility and durability with a range of materials and finishes which will provide waterproof and scuff proof surfaces.

We offer the flexibility of displaying Canvas images in wet areas even you can take the canvas prints outside.

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Why choose us for Canvas Printing Services:

Search for the canvas printing near me, and we will be present to promote your business as per your need. Prime Scan India already gains its reputation in Canvas Printing services because of the following:

  1.       High-quality image permanent printing.
  2.       We provide different canvas texture that adds color depth.
  3.       You will get clean, bright and crystal photo without any glare or reflection.
  4.       Prime Scan India provides both types of prints in the glossy or matte finish.